How to ride in a Bike Bus

Each Bike Bus has its own way of doing things.  Our favourite template is from the Shawlands Bike Bus, who organise their bus using these simple roles:



Rides at the front and sets the pace. Everyone in the main group follows the leader and makes sure to stay behind them.


Rides at the back and makes sure no-one gets left behind or separated from the bike bus.

Junction helpers

Create a safe passage by pausing in the road until the whole bike bus has navigated a junction.

Grown-ups who aren’t doing the above jobs space themselves along the right hand side to create a “wall” between lanes.

Staying safe

Following a few important rules helps us keep every journey as safe as possible:

  1. Every child has a grown-up watching out for them. Each grown-up looks after no more than three children under the age of nine.
  2. Children go on the left and grown-ups go on the right. Everyone stays between the leader and the sweeper.
  3. Everyone stays on the left side of the road. Grown-ups can be on the centre line but no further over. This is as important on side-streets as on big roads because junction helpers need to get past in both directions.

Things you need

It’s the law to use lights when it’s dark. Helmets and high-visibility vests are also a very good idea.

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