What are the Benefits of Cycling to School?

It’s an astonishing list!

  1. Regular exercise reduces obesity, improves fitness and improves the body’s resistance to virtually every illness. The health benefits are 21 times bigger than the (actually very small) road risks, and it’s safer than travelling by car (see this article published in the British Medical Journal)!
  2. Our children arrive at school energised, engaged, ready for learning. The bus, train or car options leave them on their devices and bored when they arrive at school.
  3. Cycling gives our children self-confidence, independence, and satisfaction in their own abilities. They love it!
  4. The daily school run no longer requires an adult driver. This saves parents time. Over time, your children can take themselves to clubs and sports fixtures. This is very efficient, in our increasingly busy lives.
  5. For commutes under about 3-4 miles, it is quicker to cycle to school than any other mode of transport.
  6. It is also cheaper.
  7. There is less traffic on the road, because we cycle. That means we’ve helped all other road users reach their destinations more safely.
  8. We’ve reduced congestion near the school. Each day your child cycles saves 4 car journeys!
  9. We’ve reduced pollution.
  10. We are normalising cycling as a mode of transport, encouraging sustainable travel. When our children go to university or work, they will consider cycling to be one of the possible modes of transport. We’ve sown the seed of an idea that will be with them for the rest of their lives.
  11. Plus, we’ll dispel the irrational fear of rain!

Any one of these reasons is good enough. This is an overwhelmingly positive list, and it’s a win-win-win.

Cycling is better for: the children, their parents, everyone else at their school, the neighbourhood and the environment.

So, come on parents, ditch the car keys, dust off your bike, and join your child on the bicycle bus!

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